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Have you changed since the first “Hunger Games”?

No. Now I have everything under control. I’m calmer, I have no reason to have a constant worry,I try not to do that. Of course, there are things that scare me, but they will always be. For example, I’m so scared of saying something now, because I always think people will take my words in a negative way. I don’t want to deal it looking like I’m complaining. But I google myself and see, “She is so vain, and so fed up with the glory…”

You Google yourself?

It’s difficult not to climb on to the internet. I’m a masochist. I’m ashamed of having such a worthless pastime, because I have so much to do! Why do i care what people think about me? I don’t know. I just do. I don’t like that people make an opinion without never meeting me.

Similar to Amy Schumer? How did you meet her?
I looked up ‘A Girl Without Complexes’ and wrote her an e-mail. There was: ‘I don’t know where to start. I suppose I should start with ‘I fell in love with you.’ So we began our conversation. I’d love to tell you what we discussed, but I’m not sure I can. I can only say that we think we’re making a film together as sister. We already have about 100 pages!
Any details?
Amy and I are just good together, despite the fact that we have different tastes. It’s the most fun experience I’ve had in my life. Every morning we talk on the phone, discuss something and laugh constantly. And then we send each other what we’ve wrote for the film.
Earlier you said you rarely leave the house so you don’t attract any attention….
Not so much any more. I realised that I can live this life, but in my own way. There is a way to be in Hollywood and get it together. For example, I won’t shoot up an expensive hotel to celebrate my birthday, I’ll arrange a house party.
Kris Jenner was at your last birthday?
Two of my close friends planned a secret holiday. I walk in and they all start singing Happy Birthday, and I saw Kris. It was the first time in my life I thought I was going to faint. I never imagined this would be it! We’ve never met before! Then we started singing ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ and took the photo!
Do you have an ordinary life?
If you’re an actor, if opens up wonderful prospects, you’re in a totally different world. But at the same time, you overcome certain difficulties. I think I did the right thing because I wasn’t always in the business. I’m not from Hollywood, I’m from Kentucky. A couple of years ago, no-one knew me.
Do you like to shop?
Not so much,  but I just recently bought a new sofa in ‘Ikea’! it doens’t matter how much, because I’m not even shocked at the overpriced things! In LA a normal t-shirt costs about $150!
How do you choose the movies you want?
I just read the script, I ask for different opinions and listen, and taking a chance.
You starred in ‘Joy’ and played a mother of two children. How did you feel about the role?
David lives in an amazing and beautiful world, and has a stunning vision of everything. To work with him, I feel very comfortable.
After ‘The Hunger Games’ you’re seen as Katniss Everdeen. Are you able to lead millions?
I’m just an actress, not a leader. I know that if I became successful, you fall in to being a role model, I wasn’t ready for that. But it doesn’t mean I always run parties and run trends. After all, they look at me and listen to me. I have to think about every word I say. It’s not my forte, but I’m trying to work on myself.

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