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German-born photographer Stefanie Keenan came to New York in 1998 as a model. She started working as a visual artist and director in multimedia formats in 2005, and began working for Getty in 2007, covering a range of exclusive star studded events. 

Here she reveals what it’s really like to photograph the stars on Oscars night.

It’s hugely exciting to be close to the A-list talent. There is a sort of trust relationship that exists with most of the celebrities attending.

They know I would never release a bad image and know they can trust my direction if the dress needs another pose.

They are comfortable being goofy and relaxed with me around. There are only a few of us photographers with exclusive access and it’s definitely a working relationship that develops over time. It’s particularly nice when they remember your name.

I remember shooting a fairly unknown Jennifer Lawrence at a private screening of Winter’s Bone, for which she was nominated for an Oscar in 2011, and literally witnessed her turning into a woman in a matter of months.

What is remarkable is that she didn’t lose her sweetness and innocence, but rather felt secure enough to be who she is and keep her quirks.

‘Relatable’ is the word I like to use to describe Jennifer. Brie Larson for me is this year’s transformation.

Mind you, all those ladies were great to begin with and had careers from the get-go of course, but there is something that happens to them where they become ‘the star’.


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