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JLaw   February 27th, 2016   Uncategorized

Jennifer Lawrence offered a penetrating and personal take on the state of feminism during a dinner event focused on women’s equality Thursday night, drawing laughs and applause.

And she did it while wearing a glittering semi-sheer top and wondering about her nipples.

“One of the most important things for this movement is to get out of this mindset that we’re in a post-feminist era,” said the actor. “I don’t know who came up with that term, but it’s the most damaging term that we have because it’s just not true.”

Lawrence struck a more personal note.

“This issue kind of landed in my lap and I’m learning more as I go. It’s weird being a public figure talking about all this stuff because you put a target on your back,” she said.

“It’s strange, a lot of people were afraid to talk about [equal pay] for so many years because it made you sound unlikable …”

Lawrence trailed off, looked around the room with her trademark goofy grin. “I had a point and then I lost track. I started wondering if my nipples were out.”

“They’re not,” she added.


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