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Jennifer Lawrence says she was about six years old when she first gave acting a shot. It wasn’t in a community theatre production or a fast-food commercial; it was in her aunt’s loo.

“I remember watching my aunt just tell a story, I was probably five or six, and I went into the bathroom. I didn’t even look in the mirror, it wasn’t about imitating or anything, but I remember I watched, I watched her mannerisms,” recalls Lawrence, now 24, over the phone from an LA junket for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’, the third of four movies based on the books. “In that bathroom, at her house, when I was six was the first time I ever felt myself like somebody else, if that makes any sense and doesn’t make me sound like a psycho.”

To this day, observing people is the only acting lesson the three-time Oscar nominee has ever taken.

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JLaw   October 4th, 2014   Interview s Interviews & Appearances Movie: Mockingjay

In five years she’s received three Academy Award nominations, won an Oscar, and brought two billion dollars to the Hollywood box office with her movies. On November, 21, Jennifer Lawrence returns for the third installment of The Hunger Games, but she has a dream: relax.

“Nice to meet you,” says Jennifer Lawrence, shaking my hand. Shining, frank, with a natural make-up, a brilliant white smile and intense eyes. “We met before,” I say. She blushes. “I’m sorry.” “It was a long time ago in Venice, you were a teenager!” “Oh my God!” she says. “When I came to the Film Festival for The Burning Plain , I was 18 years old, and I kept looking around asking myself: ‘Am I really in Venice? Someone pinch me!’ Since that moment, in just a few years, so many things happened, a lot of movies, awards, experiences beyond words.”

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JLaw   July 31st, 2014   Interview s Interviews: Others
“Professionally, there are so many people I look up to. I believe personal and professional role models are very important and always keep you inspired. I love Barbra [Streisand]! I also love Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s an amazing actress and a very strong and outspoken women. Those are the kind of women who I admire so much.”


JLaw   May 8th, 2014   Interview s
“I’m pregnant,” Jennifer Lawrence tells me with deadpan solemnity, swirling a goblet of red wine. Then, seeing my eyes widen, she shakes her head vigorously. “Not really! Quite the opposite, actually…”

We’re sitting in an empty bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Atlanta, not far from where Lawrence, in her role as the longbow-wielding Katniss Everdeen, is filming the third and fourth installments of The Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay-Part 1, due out in November, and Mockingjay-Part 2, a November 2015 release. Our allotted time is just about up, and I’ve demanded a juicy piece of gossip in exchange for promising to keep out of print whatever career-ending comments she may have already uttered. (Nobody ever said celebrity journalism was pretty.)

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