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JLaw   August 7th, 2014   Picture Update

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Vscore is the only measurement that tracks social listening across all social channels and news sites and correlates it with an actor’s box office and other data across TV and film. Also incorporated are the actor’s nominations and wins in all major award categories, as well as his or her upcoming projects. The score will adjust in real time according to the actor’s recent roles and media coverage.

Top Actresses (as ranked by social mentions, box office, ratings and other criteria)

1. Jennifer Lawrence

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Emma Watson

4. Scarlett Johansson

5. Kristen Stewart 


JLaw   August 6th, 2014   Interviews: Others

Marion Cotillard has enjoyed hanging out with ”fun” actress Jennifer Lawrence. Both actresses have been muses for fashion house Dior and the 38-year-old beauty can’t wait for their next meeting because they get along so well. When asked by Stylist magazine who makes her laugh the most right now, Marion replied:

”Will Ferrell! My friends. I have very, very funny friends. They make me laugh because I laugh so hard. Oh and Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah, that’s a good list. ‘I have a Dior dinner, which I’m looking forward to because they’re amazing, funny people. And Jennifer Lawrence will be there so I’m going to have a lot of fun.”


JLaw   August 6th, 2014   Picture Update

JLaw   August 5th, 2014   Uncategorized
Jennifer Lawrence
$34 million
Who says women can’t be action heroes? Just 23 years old, Lawrence is proving that women can be as big a draw for blockbusters as men. “The Hunger Games” is the most successful young adult franchise since “Twilight” and her recent turn as Mystique in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” helped make the movie the highest-grossing of the franchise. Combine that box office prowess with three Oscar nominations and one win and you have the most powerful actresses in Hollywood.

JLaw   August 5th, 2014   Awards Picture Update

JLaw   August 2nd, 2014   Picture Update


JLaw   August 2nd, 2014   Picture Update

JLaw   August 1st, 2014   Interviews: Others Media: Videos

Most awkward interview, Jennifer Lawrence? Butt plug?

“Most awkward, oh god know. One of my favourites. I ran in to her mom not long after. She was going ‘Oh God, why did she say that? What’s wrong with her?’ I thought it was good TV. I love her, think she’s fantastic. She’s so comfortable to talk to, and such a real person and has so much energy. There’s such a light coming off her, she can talk about anything.”


JLaw   August 1st, 2014   Picture Update

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