May 15, 2016

Jennifer attended the GLAAD Media Awards last night in NYC to present Robert de Niro with his award. HQ photos below:

14th May | GLAAD Media Awards | Show
14th May | GLAAD Media Awards | Press Room

May 09, 2016

Jennifer was spotted leaving her hotel in London before heading to the X-Men premiere. HQ photos below:

9th May | Leaving her hotel in London

May 09, 2016

Jennifer was spotted leaving the ‘Sexy Fish’ restaurant in London yesterday, as well as at visiting a bar. HQ candids below:

8th May | Leaving ‘Sexy Fish’ Restaurant in London

May 09, 2016

Jennifer did press for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ yesterday in London. 20+ photos from the press conference have been added. I’ll update with HQ’s soon!

8th May | “X-Men: Apocalypse” Press Conference


May 08, 2016

Where do we find Raven in the new movie? What’s her state of mind?

JENNIFER LAWRENCE: She’s on her own. She’s going around the world saving mutants who are in danger. It’s 10 years after the end of Days Of Future Past, and the world is outwardly more tolerant of mutants, but Raven knows there’s still fear and prejudice out there, so she’s kind of a one-person army protecting her kind.

Raven always has a good character journey in her X-Men films. What did you need to figure out to play this one?

This movie is really about Raven becoming a leader. She was treated as a hero after what transpired at the end of Days Of Future Past, but she didn’t want that mantle. She went underground. And in this movie, she accepts the leadership position, steps into the role that Charles usually occupies, and leads the young X-Men into the final battle.

You’ve made the Raven character your own. How much input do you get into character moments these days?

These movies are very collaborative. There’s a really open line of communication with Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg, and they like working closely with the actors, so we try a lot of different things on set and talk about the big moments. I know I can go to Simon with any idea, and he’ll consider it, and fully play it out.

Apocalypse promises to have the biggest scale of the films to date. What was the biggest challenge?

It definitely has the biggest scale of any X-Men film. The biggest challenge was probably for Oscar (Isaac) in terms of getting in that costume every day.

And does it still feel big to the cast, even when you’re shooting small chunks at a time?

A lot of it is done on green screen, but we did shoot a long stretch in the rubble where the final battle takes place. That felt like shooting on a real battleground covered in debris and destruction.

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