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JLaw   March 20th, 2015   Uncategorized

Vogue famously crowned your bob “the haircut of the year” in 2012—do you think you’ll ever go back to the shorter style?

It was so crazy to see how much buzz my haircut got! I chopped my hair short for a Vogue shoot right before the Victoria’s Secret show. At the time, I was ready for a new look (even though I could not have been more nervous while I was getting the haircut). I loved the look and could definitely see myself trying it out again!

Would you ever try a pixie cut? Have you ever had one?

Until my bob, I played it pretty safe with my hair. Not sure if I would get a pixie cut but I’m definitely not opposed. Never say never, right?!

Be honest: Who gives you serious hair envy?

I thought Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing when she cut her hair short. I’m always envious when anyone tries out a new hair style!